Momisms 2013

Our wellness initiative continues the tradition of honoring mothers as Mother's Day approaches, by remembering the wisdom they teach us about how to live our lives well.  Last week I asked readers to share their favorite momisms and I received seventy-five responses.  I am sorry that I can't share them all, but I am delighted to share ten that stood out to our Living Compass wellness team.  We offer these ten momisms to you with a sentence or two reflection about what they have to teach us about wellness.      You can't know anything you've never been taught.  The implicit message of this momism is that we are wise to remain open to learning throughout our entire life.   Throughout each stage of life we can benefit from new experiences that teach us important lessons about wellness.

     Buy good fruit.  The wisdom here is that in order to eat well, we have to first make the choice to buy well.  This applies to all aspects of wellness.  Anticipation and preparation set us up to succeed.

     This moment is fleeting in the face of eternity.  Our emotional and spiritual wellness is enhanced when we remember two things--to live in the present moment, and that any present suffering is more bearable when we place it in the context of a much larger time frame.

     Take care of a goldfish and then you can get a dog.  When taking on any new challenge or responsibility it's important to start small.  New habits are learned best in small steps.  For example, develop a regular habit of walking before you try to run you first 5K.

     Life is hard by the yard, but a cinch by the inch.   Twelve step programs teach this same wisdom when the remind us to live one day at a time.  Start toward major goals with small steps.

     You know the difference between right and wrong, so act accordingly.  We almost always know what wellness and wholeness look like in the various aspects of our lives.  The key is matching our actions with what we know, matching our walk with our talk.

     For a friend in need, say a prayer and roast a chicken.  We need to remember to integrate the spiritual with the practical.  Faith without works is empty.

     The best way to have a friend is to be one.  Today this is known as the law of attraction.  All relationships are important and need to be tended to stay strong and healthy.

     If you can say something nice about somebody--sincerely--you should tell them.  This is the positive version of, “if you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything at all.”  This reminds us of the importance of sharing our appreciation and gratitude with others as it is what builds and strengthens individuals and relationships.      You are my sunshine and my love and prayers go with you always.  Unconditional love is the best gift of all.   It is love that is based on who a person is, not on what he or she does.  It is not only the best gift we can receive, but also the best gift we can give.