Keep It Simple

In the last two days I have received four different emails inviting me to simplify my life. Each invitation addressed a different dimension of simplicity—eating more simply, decluttering my home, organizing my finances, and practicing mindfulness as the key to living simply. The timing of these emails tells me two things. First, it’s a new year and thus many people are reflecting on making changes in habits and daily routines, and some form of simplifying their life is no doubt on many people’s lists.  Second, simplicity programs and accompanying advice are proliferating in direct proportion to the number of people who are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of their lives. When the student is ready, the teacher will arise.

At the risk of offering just one more piece of advice about keeping life simple, I share the straightforward wisdom contained in the quote box at the top of this column.  I invite you to try a simple exercise. Read the eight questions through slowly and as you do, see if there is one question that really speaks to you today. See if there one that, “has your name on it.”

If there is one that speaks to you, perhaps you could resolve to do the simple action that is connected with the question. With this all on my mind yesterday, I did this little exercise myself, and found that the last question was the one that spoke to me. Today I intentionally expressed my love to someone to whom I had not done so for a while, and it was a simple, beautiful experience for both of us.

    So what question speaks to you?

And how might you respond to that question in the days ahead?