Within The Teen Compass Faith and Wellness Notebook teens and leaders will see Faith Steps.  Faith Steps are the intentional steps teens commit to making throughout the sessions. Creating these steps, sharing them with another person, and working on them in the days and weeks ahead is a core part of all things Living Compass, including the materials we have for teens.


  • Are specific thoughts, words, and deeds intended to connect your faith with your everyday life.
  • Are based on the principle that we have to do different in order to get different.
  • Are what turn goals into reality.
  • Are things you feel God is calling you to do AND are things you want to do.
  • Are things YOU feel are achievable in the next week.
  • Are things YOU feel confident you will be able to achieve. On a scale of 1-10, your confidence of success should be a 7 or higher. If your confidence is lower than that, choose a different FAITH Step.
  • Are action-specific, for example “I will spend 10 minutes a day in quiet meditation” as opposed to “I will be more relaxed this week.”
  • Answer these questions as you set your FAITH Steps:

What? Be specific about what you will do.
How much? Quantify if possible.
When? Set or schedule a time when you intend to do this.
How often? Every day? A certain number of times/week?

  • FAITH steps need to be shared out loud with others to maximize your success in doing them.

FAITH Steps Are:

Focused. The step will be narrowly focused. “I will walk for 30 minutes three days this week” vs. “I need to start getting some exercise.”

Action-oriented. I will do something that is observable and measureable; I will not just think about doing something.

Inspired. I feel that God wants me to take this step and I feel inspired by God to do it.

Time-specific. I will do it at this time, or within this time framework.

Heartfelt and honest. I will only commit to a FAITH Step that in my heart I honestly am ready to take, as opposed to something I think I should do or I know others want me to do.