Living Compass for Teens

Living Compass for Teens

“We are convinced that today’s children and teenagers have never experienced less social capital than they do today, and that they experience more stress than any generation in history. We stand with people who are committed to raising the flag of awareness, conversation, and action so that our children, and their children, will grow up where they are known, loved, and cherished as vital and valuable members of out community, nation, and the world.”

-Chap Clark, author of Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers.

Young people in our culture need to be known, need safe places to talk, and need the support of caring and accepting adults and communities. What better place to provide that for them than at church?

Including Teens in our Parish Wellness Ministries – PowerPoint Presentation

Living Compass has created a teen curriculum that opens up opportunities for authentic conversations with teens and their leaders at church. It also helps them look at the myriad of decisions they are making in their lives and helps them wonder whether those decisions will help them create the abundant life that God dreams of for them. This curriculum helps our teens feel known, loved, and cherished as vital members of our church community.

The Teen Compass Faith & Wellness, created to be used in twenty-four sessions, can be used with your high school students. When teens engage in the types of learning and discussion encouraged in the Living Compass curriculum, authentic community is created, and teens and their adult leaders naturally build a meaningful social connection at church. This ministry helps teens cope more effectively with the stresses of growing up in the 21st century and helps them think of the church as a rest stop in their busy lives, a resource when they are in need of help.

The Teen Compass Faith & Wellness twenty-four week program has been adapted for use in churches and camps in the following formats:

* Sunday School curriculum

* Youth group curriculum

* Week-long camp curriculum

* Weekend retreat for teens

A leader’s guide and a spiral notebook for each teen is needed to implement The Teen Compass Faith and Wellness curriculum.