Parents and families in the 21st Century are pulled in directions previous generations could never have imagined, and they need support and community. Believing that the church can support them like no other institution in our culture, Living Compass has created resources for churches to use to support this important segment of our congregations.

Living Compass Wellness Pamphlets are used as discussion starters for four week education classes for groups of parents and grandparents that focus on topics that relate to family life.

Living Compass for Families Podcast This podcast provides inspiration and guidance for parents, couples, and families of all sizes and shapes, helping them examine and navigate the day-to-day choices that create family wellness. This can be linked to your church newsletter or shared by email from Living Compass Wellness Circles for Parents. Click here.

Living Compass Wellness Circles for Parents can be offered several times a year for groups of parents with any age child. Living Compass Wellness Circles are delivered in a small group format. When parents engage in the types of learning and discussion created in a Living Compass group, a deeper, more authentic community is created and builds a richer support network at church. This program helps families contemplate how their faith can help them cope more effectively with the stresses of parenting in the 21st century and helps them think of the church as a rest stop in their busy lives.