Within many of the Living Compass materials you will see Faith Steps referenced.  Faith Steps are the intentional steps people commit to making when they are in the midst of a Living Compass class or in a Living Compass Wellness Circle. Creating these steps, sharing them with another person, and working on them in the days and weeks ahead is a core part of all things Living Compass.  
  • Are specific “thoughts, words, and deeds” intended to connect your faith with your everyday life.
  • Are based on the principle that we have to do different in order to get different.
  • Are what turn goals into reality.
  • Are things you feel God is calling you to do AND are things you want to do.
  • Are things YOU feel are achievable in the next week.
  • Are things YOU feel confident you will be able to achieve. On a scale of 1-10, your confidence of success should be a 7 or higher. If your confidence is lower than that, choose a different FAITH Step.
  • Are action-specific, for example “I will spend 10 minutes a day in quiet meditation” as opposed to “I will be more relaxed this week.”
  • Answer these questions as you set your FAITH Steps:

What? Be specific about what you will do.
How much? Quantify if possible.
When? Set or schedule a time when you intend to do this.
How often? Every day? A certain number of times/week?

  • FAITH steps need to be shared out loud with others to maximize your success in doing them.

FAITH Steps Are:

Focused. The step will be narrowly focused. “I will walk for 30 minutes three days this week” vs. “I need to start getting some exercise.”

Action-oriented. I will do something that is observable and measureable; I will not just think about doing something.

Inspired. I feel that God wants me to take this step and I feel inspired by God to do it.

Time-specific. I will do it at this time, or within this time framework.

Heartfelt and honest. I will only commit to a FAITH Step that in my heart I honestly am ready to take, as opposed to something I think I should do or I know others want me to do.