What kind of support will this ministry need in our parish?

A wellness ministry can be as expansive or as small as your parish sees fit for your people. Therefore, it is advised that your church create a wellness committee that will oversee this ministry parish wide. This committee would be responsible for deciding which programs and/or materials would be most beneficial to your parish, identifying niche groups who would enjoy wellness, planning dates for wellness offerings, recruiting facilitators, ordering materials, and providing support to all who are using Living Compass within the parish. This ministry can be on going in a parish, and such a group will oversee and coordinate all of the details to create the leadership to keep it going.

How can the Living Compass Words of Wellness be used in our parish?

Many parishes send the email version of the Living Compass Words of Wellness out to their entire community, as a way of keeping everyone thinking about wellness throughout the week. Other parishes copy it and put it in their bulletins. Some parishes use them for adult education “food for thought” on Sunday mornings. Everyone gets a copy, and the group discusses how the thoughts of the week apply to them. They report it is an easy tool to get meaningful conversations started in their parish.

These weekly messages are always timely and are FREE. You can sign up here on this website.

Click here for an example of a recent Living Compass Words of Wellness.

What is a Congregational Aggregate Summary and how might it help our parish?

A Congregational Aggregate Summary is a write up that church leaders can receive from Living Compass which can be used to better understand their own parish, it’s unique needs and concerns.

The summary is created when as many parish members as possible take the Living Compass assessment, anonymously, within a designated period of time. The results identify trends such as 65% of the parish is dealing with financial stress, or 50% of the group is dealing with relationships that are troubling them. After the results are tabulated they are sent to the church’s leaders, giving them valuable information they can then use to plan future meaningful opportunities for their parish. This information will then enable them to plan appropriate and helpful offerings to better serve their unique set of individuals.

If you are interested in getting a Congregational Aggregate Summary for your parish, please contact edith@livingcompass.org and we can work with you to plan this for your parish.

What happens in a Diocese after a Living Compass visit?

Different things happen in different areas. Several places have run a Living Compass wellness circle with the people who attended the retreat and workshop. After being in a small group of their own, they then go back to their respective parishes and begin their own wellness ministries at their home parishes. Other places jump right in and start the small groups. One area is collaborating with their county with plans to use Living Compass with county residents who are struggling financially. One diocese has plans to use Living Compass for a deanery retreat. One area is using Living Compass materials at a youth event at their upcoming Bishop’s Conference. Basically, parishes are using our materials and their own resources in creative ways to benefit the unique need in their area.

How would having the Living Compass ministry benefit my church?

Living Compass can impact your parish in many positive ways. It helps parishes broaden their understanding of wellness. It also helps people connect their all around wellness to their faith and begin to think about themselves as the intentional caregivers of the life they have been given by God. The conversations that occur Living Compass groups strengthen already existing relationships, build a more close-knit community, and provide a great opportunity to reach out to those who may not have a meaningful church connection. Seeing as this ministry is usually led by lay people, Living Compass presents a new creative opportunity for lay people to play a vital part in the wellness ministries that happen in their community.

Who can become a Living Compass leader or facilitator?

Anyone who is comfortable running groups can be a facilitator. A Living Compass facilitator will be involved in helping to support folks as they seek to create a life of greater wellness. Anyone who can offer compassionate listening with sincere and gentle encouragement can fulfill this role. Living Compass is designed to provide a space to decipher what changes people want to make and then allowing time and space for them to discover how to make those changes. At the core, the Living Compass facilitator will help to create a space for participants to become the experts in creating their best life and to take concrete steps to make that a reality.

What happens at a Living Compass CWA training?

A Living Compass training is both a training and a wellness retreat experience. The best way to learn how to facilitate and use the Living Compass tools and programs is to experience some of them for one’s self. You will be introduced to and learn how to use a variety of wellness tools for adults, parents, and teens. Each tool can be adapted and customized to fit your local context. At the training you will also take time to assess the wellness needs and the wellness ministry opportunities both within your faith community and the wider community at large. You will be enriched by spending several days in community with others who are also passionate about integrating faith and wellness.

What is the Living Compass Weekly Words of Wellness?

Each week Living Compass sends via email a one page reflection which connects current happenings in the world to wellness. It is written by Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner, Executive Director, creator of Living Compass. He draws on his over 35 plus years as an Episcopal priest and family therapist to make faith and wellness come alive in the everyday happenings of today’s world. Currently, this email reflection is received and enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe.
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What training is needed to lead a Living Compass wellness circle?

It is advised that you attend a Community Wellness Advocate (CWA) training to be best prepared to facilitate a Living Compass wellness circle. No training is required as the facilitator manuals are created to be thorough enough that someone can use the materials without further training.