Tuesday of Holy Week


Reflection by Scott Stoner

This passage from 1 Corinthians reminds us that much of the wisdom of the Christian faith can seem foolish in our modern world. What is sometimes associated with weakness in our culture is often just what our Christian faith teaches us to do. We can see how this is the case as we reflect on the theme of Practicing Forgiveness that we have been exploring this Lenten season. 

Often the wisdom of the world inadvertently teaches that to acknowledge wrongdoing and to ask for forgiveness are signs of weakness. An example of this is when we see public figures making, at best, half-hearted apologies when they have been exposed in some wrongdoing. And even then, they often are only apologizing because they feel forced to do so. It appears that they associate asking for forgiveness with being weak. Our Christian faith, though, sees asking for forgiveness as a sign of strength and honest humility.

Making It Personal: How has your understanding of forgiveness changed as a result of your reflecting on it this Lent? Do you see a contrast between Christian teachings about forgiveness and how our culture thinks of it? How does that impact your life?

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Living Well Through Lent 2019
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