Practicing Forgiveness with All Your Soul

Living Well Though Lent - Living Compass

Reflection by Scott Stoner

The Soul quadrant of the Living Compass includes Spirituality as one dimension of wellness. For Christians, our spiritual understanding of wellness is grounded in the life and teachings of Jesus, as well as the other teachings of the Old and New Testaments. 

Christian teachings about forgiveness completely align with our theme this week of practicing forgiveness as a way to overcome our natural tendency to protect ourselves. Jesus, of course, modeled this in the fullest way possible in his life and in his death. 

The passage above from the Message describes well the heart of the Christian life. We are not in the driver’s seat. Suffering is part of what it means to be alive and self-sacrifice is the path to finding our true selves. All of this is quite countercultural in a world that defines the way to finding our true selves as more about building up and protecting our own egos.

We cannot practice forgiveness from our egos; a deeper practice of forgiveness must be rooted in the soul, in the depths of our spiritual lives. The ego’s agenda is to divide and protect, while the soul seeks to transcend and include. The ego insists on being in the driver’s seat, while the soul is humble enough to realize its need for God to be in the driver’s seat. 

Making It Personal: Take a few moments and reflect on the scripture at the beginning of this reflection. What do you hear when you read it? Does it make you uncomfortable or do you find it reassuring? What do you think about the idea that deeper forgiveness must come from the soul and not from the ego? 

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