Practicing Forgiveness with All Your Mind

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Reflection by Scott Stoner

Mildred Reyes began our week with the quote above from Henri Nouwen. It reminds us that forgiveness takes time and requires patience. This is true whether we are talking about forgiving ourselves or seeking to forgive, or receive forgiveness from, others. 

If, for example, we have struggled with forgiving ourselves, or if we have struggled with some form of perfectionism, we cannot just snap our fingers and make that go away. Learning to be patient with ourselves regarding any changes we are trying to make is one expression of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. And learning to trust God’s timing in all of this is a reminder that our capacity to forgive, both ourselves and others, is a spiritual process that flows from God’s love and forgiveness of us, as Mildred so beautifully reminded us.

Forgiveness is also about the willingness to wait patiently. Our timetable for forgiveness, or dealing with our stuff, is not determined by us, but by divine timing. … How will we invite God to gather us under her wings where we can wait patiently, practice forgiving, and love with our whole being?

Making It Personal:Do you ever struggle with impatience when it comes to forgiveness? In what ways do you connect being able to forgive with God, and with your faith? How do you respond when your timing and God’s timing for forgiveness seem to be out of sync?

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