Practicing Forgiveness Toward Ourselves

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Reflection by Scott Stoner

Mildred Reyes wrote in yesterday’s reflection about her experience of going on a silent retreat. Her candid description of why she felt the need for a retreat is something with which most of us can probably identify.

Lent provides its own season for us to go on an inner retreat, and your commitment to read and reflect using this devotional each day is one way to honor your soul’s need to be connected with God in a quiet and intentional manner.

When we make time to connect with God, we will often receive guidance. For Mildred, she felt God was saying to her, “Be gentle, forgive yourself, and do not be afraid to wait.” I believe there is a connection between the guidance she received to accept and forgive herself, and the unease she was experiencing that led her to go on a silent retreat in the first place. Often when we are feeling stressed, distracted, scattered, and overwhelmed, it is because we are feeling driven by an underlying feeling of not being good enough. Practicing acceptance and forgiveness toward ourselves will be our focus and practice for this week, and we will explore how it is the foundation of our emotional and spiritual wellness. We will also examine the idea that it is difficult to forgive others if we are not able to forgive ourselves. 

Making It Personal: Can you identify with Mildred’s experience, feeling distracted, scattered and a bit lost, and in need of some time away to re-center yourself? If so, how do you or how might you make some time to reconnect with yourself and with God? Do you see a connection in your life between the ability to forgive yourself and your emotional and spiritual wellness?

Follow along with us this Lent season with our daily devotional and engage in discussion in our closed facebook group moderated by The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner & The Rev. Jan Kwiatowski.

In this group, participants will have a chance to share their responses to the prompts in the daily readings, and also the chance to receive additional material for reflection.


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