Practicing Confession: It’s Good for the Soul

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Reflection by Scott Stoner

In yesterday’s reflection, Micah Jackson began with a story of the transformation of a mother whose son had recently enlisted in the Army. Initially, the mother was so upset that her son wondered if she would ever be able to forgive him for his choice. We learn, though, that the mother did forgive her son and in so doing, offered a gift to him as a sign of her forgiveness and as an offer of reconciliation. 

What helped the mother to change in this story? We don’t find out, but I am certain that the first step in the process was some form of honest self-reflection during which she came to a more expansive perspective, different from her initial reaction. From this expanded perspective she recognized she had hurt her son deeply—we might even say she realized she had sinned against her son—once she was able to take a step back, acknowledge her reaction, and to see that she could choose a different response. 

Our focus for this week will be reflecting on the role of confession in the process of forgiveness through the lens of the Prayer of Confession, from the Book of Common Prayer. This prayer is said every week in Episcopal churches during Sunday worship. 

“Confession is good for the soul,” says the wisdom from an old Scottish proverb. This week we will be reflecting on the practice of this wisdom in our lives.

Making It Personal: Can you think of a time when you changed your response to someone you love because you later realized your initial reaction was hurtful? If yes, how were you able to make that shift?

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