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Reflection by Scott Stoner

We take time once again on Saturday to reflect on what we have learned this past week about forgiveness, and specifically about our theme for this week, that forgiveness is a choice. 

The Gospel passage provides a helpful lens through which to look at our theme for this week. In this short parable, Jesus is making the point that one of the cornerstones of being a Christian is living a life that bears the fruits of Jesus’ teachings. One of the cornerstones of Jesus’ teaching is forgiveness, and so every time we make the often-difficult choice to forgive, we can be encouraged that we are bearing the fruit that Jesus desires for us to bear.

We are halfway through Lent now and we at Living Compass pray that your Lenten journey is bearing the fruit that you and God desire. We hope that you have experienced insights and growth in multiple areas of wellness—spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational. Rest assured that there is still plenty of time left in Lent and ample opportunity for all of us to grow in our understanding and practice of forgiveness.

Making It Personal: As you look back on the past week, are there are particular thoughts you want to be sure to remember? Was there a conversation you had with someone, or is there one you want to have, regarding the understanding that forgiveness is a choice? Finally, is there anything you have done, or want to do differently, based on this teaching?

Follow along with us this Lent season with our daily devotional and engage in discussion in our closed facebook group moderated by The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner & The Rev. Jan Kwiatowski.

In this group, participants will have a chance to share their responses to the prompts in the daily readings, and also the chance to receive additional material for reflection.


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