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Reflection by Scott Stoner

Today, as we do each Saturday in this devotional, we pause to look back and integrate what we have learned during the past week. Trawin Malone introduced our theme and practice for the week when he wrote that one of the impediments to being able to forgive is that we all face the temptation to protect ourselves. In Sunday’s reflection he asked us a question that we have been thinking about throughout the week: “How does the temptation to protect our power, possessions, and prestige keep us from forgiving ourselves and others?” 

We are examining the idea that forgiveness is complex and often is connected to powerful emotions. As you interact with the material in this devotional you may find yourself experiencing thoughts and memories that you haven’t considered for a long time. This is normal and helpful and may reveal new opportunities for you to consider forgiveness. 

While the quotes and writings being offered in this devotional are important, what is even more important are your thoughts, memories, and learnings as you relate the material to your own life and your own journey of forgiveness. 

Making It Personal:Looking back on the readings for this first full week of Lent, as well as your own notes, what thoughts were most important for you? Did you, or do you intend to, have a conversation with someone about what you are thinking? Is there something you have done, or some action that you want to take, as a result of what you are learning?

Follow along with us this Lent season with our daily devotional and engage in discussion in our closed facebook group moderated by The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner & The Rev. Jan Kwiatowski.

In this group, participants will have a chance to share their responses to the prompts in the daily readings, and also the chance to receive additional material for reflection.


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