Episcopal Health Foundation in Texas Website UPDATE

Since we last wrote about Living Compass in EHF’s October Congregation Connection, interest in Living Compass has spread like wildfire across the diocese. From Tyler to Austin to Galveston, churches are beginning to implement Living Compass-based ministries in congregations and communities.

The Rev. Bob Flick has been working with EHF to help interested congregations use Living Compass resources in their communities. He trained 25 members from Christ Church and St. Francis in Tyler to facilitate wellness circles in their congregation and community. Grace Galveston is also offering Living Compass with its congregation and in the community in partnership with a local nonprofit organization. Flick also facilitated a six-week series with Grace Houston to help EHF assess the program.

On March 18, St. John’s La Porte hosted Living Compass founder, the Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner for a Community Wellness Advocate training. In addition to 21 participants from St. John’s La Porte, 22 people representing eight additional congregations across the region attended. As newly-trained facilitators, they are now poised to offer Living Compass Wellness circles in each of their communities. On that visit, Rev. Stoner also met with Palmer Memorial leaders to help them think about how Living Compass could be used to create a community wellness center.

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