Prior to assessing the dimensions of your whole-person wellness we recommend reading the description of the eight areas being assessed on the following pages.

Click on each word to learn more about wellness in that area.

» Heart

» Strength

» Mind

» Soul

This assessment consists of eighty questions addressing the eight areas of wellness that make up a life, all are interconnected and contribute to your overall wellbeing. The results are merely a snapshot of your life at this moment. The results might have been different if you had taken it a month ago or may be different if you were to return to take it a month from now, as life is always changing. Just as an annual physical reveals different things each year, the same is true here.

Taking an assessment like this a few times a year is a good practice to get into as it helps you make sure you heading in the direction you want to be going.

After taking the assessment you can save your results so that you can return to the website anytime to either review your results or look for resources.

What will a compass look like after completing the assessment?

Here is an example of what a compass might look like after completing the assessment. It shows what areas the person has been paying attention to, as well as areas that might benefit from more attention.

Filled out Compass

What is an assessment?

The Adult Assessment is designed for any person over 18 who wants to take a look at the current wellness in their life. Print An Adult Assessment

The Parent Assessment is designed for anyone who has a child. Print A Parent Assessment

The Teen Assessment is meant for anyone who is between 13 and 18. Print A Teen Assessment