Practicing Generosity with All Your Heart

Whatever we appreciate, appreciates.

Practicing Generosity with All Your Heart

Whatever we appreciate, appreciates. - Unknown

The word generous derives from the same root as the words that mean “to give birth,” (i.e., genesis and generative), and it is easy to see why. When we are generous with others, we are offering life to them. We are lifting their spirits, creating space for new life and growth in them. Being generous is like lighting a spark in someone else’s life. We never know what that spark may ignite within them and what may come into being because of that spark. 

It is not uncommon to look back at something we have achieved and realize that there was a person or group of people who truly believed in us, and said just the right things to encourage us, or gave us just the support we needed to get started or to keep going. Their generosity gave life to us and gave us the ability to achieve something we otherwise would not have been able to accomplish.

The quote above says it succinctly: “What we appreciate, appreciates.” Expressing our genuine appreciation to others is a simple and powerful way of being generous with them. So often we associate generosity with giving in a way that involves money, but there are so many other ways, often much more significant ways, of being generous. 

Perhaps today you can think of someone in your life to whom you would like to show a little extra appreciation. Give it a try and see if, in fact, what you appreciate, appreciates. 

Making it personal: Three things I am grateful for today:




I was/will be generous with someone today by __________________

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