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February 08, 2009 | The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner

You Are In Love

There is something unique about the way we express ourselves when we feel love for someone.† We commonly say, "I am in love with _____" and we fill in the blank with the name of the person that we love.† What is unique about this expression about love is the idea that we are "in" something, not just that we are feeling something.† We do not use this idea of being "in" something when we express other feelings.† For example, we do not say, "I'm in sadness," we say, "I'm sad."† Or we do not say, "I'm in happiness," we say, "I'm happy."† Nor do we say that we are in anger, instead we say, "I'm angry."

†††† When we say that we are in love, we are, perhaps without realizing it, acknowledging that† we are participating in something much larger than ourselves.† When we feel love for one another, no matter what form of love it may be, romantic, spiritual, platonic, parental or the love of friends, I believe that we are connecting with the source of all Love at that very moment.† Each expression of our love for one another is a manifestation of the Love that is all around us, within us and between us. †

†††† Valentine's Day arrives later this week.† This year, why not expand your thinking about love and also expand how you choose to express it.† First of all, remember that love takes many forms--all of them equally important.†† Valentine's Day is most often associated with romantic love, and that is wonderful, but this year why not use it as a chance to tell all the people you care about in your life how much you love them and how important their love is to you.

†††† Valentine's Day can be a sad time of year for many people.†† It is a hard day for those who want to be experiencing love, but are not.† It is a hard day for those who have lost a love through death, divorce or separation.† If you know someone who is feeling this, reach out to them and let them know you are thinking about them.† If you are feeling this yourself, I hope you can find comfort by celebrating the many other expressions of love that you have in your life.† I also hope you can find comfort in realizing that you are "in Love" even when you are not experiencing love in your life. †

†††† While you and I are not the Creator of love, we are responsible, through the choices we make, for the unique expressions of love that make up our lives.† Perhaps an analogy would be helpful. There are many light bulbs inside and outside my house.† The light bulbs do not create the electricity that runs through them, but they do reveal its presence.† Each light bulb is unique in its expression.† If I took away all of the light bulbs, it would be impossible to see the electricity that is present in my house.† Each of our loving relationships--- with a spouse, a friend, a child, a grandchild or grandparent, a sibling, or a parent--are unique expressions of the electricity of Love that runs through our universe. †

†††† So this Valentine's Day when you say to someone, "I am in love with you" think of all that you are saying.† Repeat it to everyone that you are in love with.† Be extravagant with it.† Say it with abandon.† Embarrass those you love with your expressions of love.† Put it in your own words, or add your own words to whatever cards you buy.† Make it sappy.† Make it personal.† I guarantee that when you do this, their face, and yours, will burn as brightly as any light bulb.

†††† Wishing each of you a Happy Valentine's Day.

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