"Living Compass opened the door to real meeting and dialogue at our church."

"Living Compass created a safe, caring place to share points on my compass that I needed to pay attention to."

"I feel that after 14 years of being an active member of this church, I now know everyone in a deeper and more spiritual way because of the Living Compass program."

"I led our group and was so impressed with the quality and user-friendly materials. I also appreciate that there is flexibility built into the materials."

"Living Compass was a breath of fresh air for our parish. After the retirement of our rector, we needed this desperately. many have commented on how great the program is, and look forward to what comes next!"

"We had both the Adult and Parenting classes running simutaneously for our Lenten series.  We had parishioners who had previously left, return to our church and stay!"

"One of our clergy and his wife were actually participants rather than facilitators in our parent group, so it was great to 'feed' them for a change."

"Living Compass was very well received in our parish; we may have new people joining the parish because of the program and the heartfelt interactions that we shared."

"The greatest thing about the Living Compass teen program is its flexibility, we use it in our Sunday school program and in our summer camp venue with teens."

"It is great to be able to have a safe place at my own church to talk about all of the stresses I face in my every day life."

"The honest conversations we had in our group helped me feel less alone as a parent. It was comforting to know that other parents had the same kind of problems that we have at home."

"My husband and I have been much more intentional about our parenting because of our participation in Living Compass, and it has helped our relationship as well."

"I really loved the built in time for journaling. It was the only time of the week where I really had peace and quiet, and could really concentrate on my life. That was a gift!"

"The prayer we closed with each week was very powerful for me, so I made a copy and taped it above my sink. It really helps me stay centered when Iím felling overwhelmed and crabby!"

"By the time our six week sessions were over, I felt like I had a group of friends that I could be real with regarding the stresses and strains of parenthood."