Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Who can become a Living Compass facilitator?

Anyone who is comfortable running groups can be a facilitator. A Living Compass Facilitator will be involved in helping to support folks as they seek to create a life of greater wellness. Anyone who can offer compassionate listening with sincere and gentle encouragement can fulfill this role. Living Compass is designed to provide a space to decipher what changes God desires for folks and then creatively allowing time and space for them to discover how to make those changes. At the core, the Living Compass facilitator will help to create a space for participants to, with their faith as their guide, become the experts in creating their best life and to take concrete steps to make that a reality.

What training is needed to lead the Living Compass program?

No training is required as the facilitator manuals are created to be thorough enough that someone can lead the class without further training.

With this said, many dioceses have invited some of the Living Compass staff to their area for a Living Compass weekend. Over the weekend parishes wanting to start a Living Compass ministry meet and experience a Living Compass half day retreat (which can later be done again in their own parishes under their guidance) followed by an introduction to all the materials and an in-depth explanation as to when and how a parish may want to use them. Contact us at to talk with the staff about how Living Compass can be introduced to your area.

What is The Living Compass Weekly Words of Wellness?

Each week Living Compass sends via email a one page reflection which connects current happenings in the world to wellness. It is written by Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner, Executive Director of Living Compass, who draws on his 30 years as an Episcopal priest and family therapist and his love of making faith and wellness come alive in the everyday happenings of today's world. Currently, this email reflection is received and enjoyed by thousands of people across the globe.

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