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Living Well Through Advent 2015

Practicing Patience With All Your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind.

In Living Well Through Advent 2015, Scott Stoner is joined by guest writers Steven Charleston, Nurya Love Parish, Tom Purdy, and Porter Taylor.

* Also available in Spanish.

Ways to Use Practicing Patience

This guide is intended to be used for daily, personal reflection as you journey through Advent. It can also be used as the basis for a group discussion and reflection, gathering in a home, at a local coffee shop, or at church. Each week, people could gather to discuss their responses to the daily reflections. We all benefit from a community of support, and this guide can be used to form or deepen that community.

While we have added space for personal reflections and notes within these pages, if you’d like to record more reflections than space allows, we encourage you to purchase a journal to use with this guide.

A couple of other suggested uses:

  • Congregations could make this guide available to its members to help them keep the focus on Christ in this season of Advent.
  • As the resource for a half- or full-day Advent retreat. The daily readings could serve as the reflection, or as starting points for reflections offered by the retreat leader. Following each reflection, participants could record their responses, either in the guide or in a separate journal. Giving each person at the retreat a copy of this guide would ensure that the experience of the retreat would stay with them throughout the remainder of Advent.

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