Wellness Assessment for Congregations

Living Compass is pleased to offer a Wellness Assessment for Congregations. This assessment has three components.

  • A few general demographic questions
  • The Living Compass Adult Wellness Self-Assessment where individuals scale themselves on 80 statements related to 8 areas of wellness.
  • Interest survey on a variety of wellness topics where individuals express how likely they would be in attending a class or program on a particular wellness topic, as well as how likely they might be to invite a friend to a attend a class or program on that wellness topic.

Completing the Wellness Assessment for Congregations will provide benefit for both the individual completing it, as well as for the congregation.

Benefits for the Individual: Each person completing the Wellness Assessment for Congregations will receive immediate, confidential results of his or her current state of balance and wellness. Only the individual taking the assessment will see these personal results. These results will help the individual make decisions about his or her wellness, including what wellness programs that he or she might like to attend when they are offered.

Benefits for the Congregation: The congregation will benefit from the completion of the Wellness Assessment for Congregations because it will gain important data that will help its leaders plan future wellness programs. The congregation's leaders will receive the aggregate scores of the self-assessment along with the results of interest survey for various wellness topics. The congregation's leaders will never know who took the assessment, nor will they ever be to see any individual's responses.

If your congregation has signed up to take the Wellness Assessment for Congregations, then your congregation has been assigned a specific group code that you will use to start the assessment. If you have that group code and are ready to take the assessment, then click here. If you don't have the group code, you can get it from your congregation.

If you would like to learn more and/or you would like to sign up your congregation to complete a "Wellness Assessment for Congregations," please email Edith Braeger at edith@livingcompass.org.

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